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kings cross art gallery

winner of the Frank Fox Memorial Prize

nominated for the AIA Structural Innovation in Architecture Award

nominated for the Gruzman Award for Urban Design


tutor: catherine lassen

This proposal for a contemporary art gallery in Kings Cross not only benefits the urban context of the area enhances the existing mono-functioning car park and underused park above. The existing car park circulation still works in exactly the same way even when the larger ‘organic’ cores/gallery spaces have been immersed within it. These cores include double height gallery spaces and have been placed in strategic areas in order to gain as much natural light as possible and to improve the car park spatially and experientially.


Through the adaptive reuse of the existing car park, the vertical activation of spaces which aims to reinvent the typical art gallery typology, and the strategic placements of the building mass to balance the surrounding urban context, this art gallery proposal aims to improve and contribute to the public domain of Kings Cross.


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