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unobtainable truths

urban islands - a studio exploring cockatoo island


tutor: catie newell

A believeable but bizarre reality was revealed through perceived truths that were discovered when exploring Cockatoo Island. Unobtainable truths is a series of installations that challenge people's perceptions of what they know to be true. They reveal the untruths of the island.


Visitors of the island come with preconceptions of what they already know, but the island brings about an alternate understanding of this. After we noticed this, we couldn't really trust the island anymore. Some of these discoveries were the distortions of known perceptions through scale, time, direction and depth. The island is trying to teach us a new way to see. These ideas were initially documented through photography and devised drawings.


Team Members: Nicole Eadie // Johann Harris // Demas Rusli // Pouwel Wind


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