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parramatta square masterplan

richard johnson + ken maher studio

Parramatta embodies a rich blend of history, culture, and potential. Much of this, however, is lost to its formless urban space. To become Sydney's 'new CBD', its confused urban identity must be sculpted to clearly acknowledge history, celebrate culture, and grow cohesively.


At the heart of this growth must be a civic space that is confident in its form and considerate in its scale.



Team Members: Jason Goh Chern Shuer // Plini Roessler-Holgate // Demas Rusli


parramatta square offices

richard johnson + ken maher studio

This proposal for a mixed used office building for Parramatta Square continues on from the Parramatta Square masterplan project. The aim of the design is to activate the square as much as possible by placing the more public aspects of an office (meeting rooms, lounges, kitchen, etc.) on the periphery of the building towards the square.


The ground floor is activated through a series of cafes and restaurants which not only facilitate the public but also the occupants of the offices as well. The laneways that break up the building volume include bridges that link the offices above to create an interesting threshold for the public when they enter or exit the square.


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